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Free Introduction to the CDA

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The Child Development Credential (CDA) is more than coursework. The CDA credential is a lengthy process that requires the periodic, intentional gathering of materials and documentation to establish a high quality of instruction. After all components of the application are submitted, early childhood education professionals must play the waiting game for the email announcing the CDA Council's decision regarding their application.

One of the most attractive features of the CDA credential for child care professionals is its ability to cross state lines. Most states accept the CDA credential as an acceptable qualification to be the lead teacher in a center setting. In addition, the costs for coursework are oftentimes cheaper than taking the 120 clock hour/12 CEU equivalent to college courses (usually three or four). The only difference between the CDA and an Associate's Degree is the balance between coursework and field experience. Those seeking the CDA are frequently professionals who are already working with children.

But what exactly goes into the CDA application? What goes in the portfolio? For teachers who are new to the CDA, the credentialing process can seem to be daunting, as there are multiple components. H&H Child Care Training understands that researching the CDA can be overwhelming: this is why we offer the CDA Introduction as a free one-hour course (certificate included for states outside Maryland) for teachers to familiarize themselves with the CDA before making the important decision to pursue the CDA.

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