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ChildCareEd and the Growing Futures Registry

image in article ChildCareEd and the Growing Futures RegistryThe North Dakota Growing Futures Registry: Approved Training

A Growing Futures Registry account allows you to register and receive clock hours for Growing Futures approved training and access a report of your annual training to share with your #early-childhood licensing specialist.

The Registry sets standards for approval of training sponsor organizations and trainers, reviews training submitted to the Registry to ensure it aligns with the standards and provides a training and reporting system for all approved training. The Registry promotes all approved training that is open to public registration on the Training Calendar, available online 24/7.

ChildCareEd is an Approved Sponsor with the Growing Futures Registry. ChildCareEd approved courses can be found on the Registry. Users may purchase approved courses through the ChildCareEd website. For Registry credit, please add your Registry ID number to your ChildCareEd account. Attendance data will be uploaded weekly to the Registry. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your completed course to appear on your Registry account.

The North Dakota Growing Futures Registry: Accepted Training

Accepted Training is training delivered by a known and respected organization at the regional or national level that is intended for the early childhood and school-age workforce.

Accepted Training Organizations:

The Growing Futures Registry will accept early childhood/school-age related training from: 

  1. Accredited colleges and universities 
  2. Federal and North Dakota state agencies when specific to early childhood care and education 
  3. IACET accredited organizations 
  4. Nationally recognized organizations listed in the chart below 
  5. Publishers of curriculum or assessment tools recognized by Bright&Early ND

All of ChildCareEd trainings are accepted based on our status as IACET accredited.

How to Add Accepted Training to Your Growing Futures Record: 

Step 1: If you have a current individual account, login to your Registry account at

Step 2: Complete the Individual Request for Training Approval form found on the training tab of your account within three (3) months of the end of the event.  

Step 3: Upload required documentation such as Certificate of Completion, training syllabus, outlines, etc. Registration payment is not acceptable for verification of #attendance. 

A maximum of 10-clock hours of training completed on one day can be accepted. 

Allow up to eight weeks for your request to be processed and the training to be posted to your Growing Futures record. 

For ChildCareEd trainings not listed on the Growing Futures Registry, please complete the Individual Request for Training Approval form found on the training tab of your account in the Growing Futures registry.

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