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ChildCareEd is on the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry!

image in article ChildCareEd is on the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry!In the ever-evolving landscape of #early-childhood-education, staying abreast of training requirements is crucial for #educators. In Arizona, the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry stands as a cornerstone for professional #development, offering a streamlined process for course credit transfer. ChildCareEd, recognizing the importance of accessible and approved training, has seamlessly integrated its courses with the Arizona Registry, providing educators with a comprehensive avenue to meet their training requirements.

Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry

The Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry serves as a centralized hub for educators to track and manage their professional development. Completion of courses listed on the Registry ensures a swift and seamless transfer of credits directly into an educator's Registry account. This not only simplifies record-keeping but also expedites the process of meeting training requirements.

Diverse Course Offerings

The Registry hosts a variety of courses catering to the specific needs of #early-childhood-educators. Whether it's enhancing teaching skills, understanding child development, or staying updated on the latest industry practices, the Registry is a valuable resource for educators seeking professional growth.

ChildCareEd: Bridging the Gap in Professional Development

All of ChildCareEd Courses are Accepted in Arizona and those listed on the Registry are Approved. While the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry lists approved courses, ChildCareEd goes above and beyond. All courses offered by ChildCareEd are accepted in Arizona, whether they are listed on the Registry. This commitment ensures that educators have a wealth of options to choose from, aligning with their specific interests and career goals.

Adding Value to the Registry

ChildCareEd has actively partnered with the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry as an Approved Training Sponsoring Agency. This collaboration extends the utility of ChildCareEd courses, making them eligible for both initial and annual training requirements for individuals working in child care group homes and child care centers.

Eligible Positions for Training:

  • Teacher-Caregivers
  • Assistant Teacher-Caregivers
  • Teacher-Caregiver-Aides
  • Facility Directors
  • Facility Director Designees
  • Certificate Holders

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Finding ChildCareEd courses on the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry is a breeze. Educators can peruse the list of approved courses directly on the Registry platform. Furthermore, courses can be conveniently purchased through the ChildCareEd website, providing a user-friendly experience for educators navigating their professional development journey.

Registry Credit Process

To ensure a smooth credit transfer process, educators need to link their Registry ID number to their ChildCareEd account. ChildCareEd diligently uploads attendance data to the Registry on a weekly basis. While this process is efficient, educators are advised to allow a minimum of 5 business days for their completed courses to reflect on their Registry account.


As #early-childhood-educators navigate the complex landscape of professional development, the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry and ChildCareEd emerge as beacons of support. The Registry provides a centralized platform for credit tracking and course offerings, while ChildCareEd enriches the experience by offering a plethora of approved courses. This seamless integration ensures that educators not only meet their training requirements but also have the flexibility to tailor their professional development journey according to their aspirations. By fostering a #culture of continuous learning and collaboration, the partnership between the Registry and ChildCareEd serves as a model for elevating the standards of #early-childhood education in Arizona.

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