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It’s going to take me how long to earn my Associates Degree?!!!! There has to be a faster and easier way to advance my career!!

No worries, there is! The Child Development Associate Credential will take less time (and money) to complete than earning an Associates Degree. Are you looking for some flexibility and prefer a self paced format? The CDA online is the best option. So you may be thinking, “Is getting a CDA as opposed to an Associates Degree going to help me stand out and advance my career in Early Childhood Education?”. The answer is absolutely yes! The CDA is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education and is the best first step on your path to career advancement. Not only that, the CDA is recognized in all 50 states. So no matter where you are, your achievement will be recognized. 

So you may be asking, “What exactly is the Child Development Associate Credential?”. Whether you choose a CDA online or in person, you will complete 120 clock hours of training in one of the following specializations:
Infant/ Toddler
Family Child Care

Over the course of 120 clock hours you will receive extensive information and training in 8 critical areas related to Early Childhood Education. Those 8 areas consist of:
Safe and Healthy Environments
Physical and Intellectual Development
Social and Emotional Development
Relationships with Families
Program Operation
Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior
Principles of Child Development and Learning

With a comprehensive curriculum like this, you will be equipped to run your own family child care center or be a lead teacher in a preschool or infant/toddler classroom. Consider the CDA online at H & H Child Care Training Center and save yourself both time and money.

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