Basic Health and Safety IN Germantown MD - 06/15/2019 - #2132

Basic Health and Safety - $45

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Course description:

This class is taught through Zoom a Virtual Class Model and is approved by MSDE.

This state-developed curriculum addresses the Maryland Child Care Licensing requirements. Key topics for this training include: establishing and maintaining safe, healthy environments, teaching all children and youth safe practices to prevent and reduce injuries, record keeping, and policy considerations, identification and reporting of child abuse, neglect and injurious treatment, sanitation practices and appropriate supervision of all children and youth at all times. Approval number CKO-320

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Minimum of 6 students for the class to move forward. No refunds. Payment is due in full at time of registration.

Primary Teacher:
Hwaida Hassanein

Session Info:
Location Start End
39 - H&H at Germantown Kids Villa 35Jun/15/2019 04:00 am ESTJun/15/2019 04:00 am EST
$45 non-refundable
H&H at Germantown Kids Villa 35
19900 Brandermill Dr. (near Intersection of Rt 355 and Middlebrook), Germantown, MD 20876
Start date:
End date:
Cost: $35 plus $5 registration Class meets SATURDAY from 11:00 am-4:30 pm Class is non-refundable. Must have a minimum of 6 for this class to proceed. LOCATION H&H Satelite office at Iman Learning Center 19900 Brandermill Drive Germantown Rm 2-35.
6/35 spots

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