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Their Safety Is In Your Hands

image in article Their Safety Is In Your HandsSafety is never an accident in child care, child care professionals must always take precautions to prevent any injuries and tragedies from taking place in their program. When providers know the risks, they are better prepared to mitigate them through intentional planning of the space and more informed practices. 

Many states require all educators to take an injury prevention course and for good reason! About 20 children die each day from unintentional injuries! H&H Child Care Training Center knows the importance of practicing safety with young children and educating child care providers so that they are able to catch a safety risk before an accident can happen. H&H has many training courses related to safety in the classroom and how to keep our most vulnerable population safe. Here are several of our course offerings related to safety:

There are many more training courses available in health and safety and all other content areas. Whatever your training needs, H&H can help. We currently have over 200 online training courses and more are added each week. Take a look at our website to find the training course that works best for you.

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