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The Longest Minute ~ When A Child is Choking

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Sarah's heart pounded as she raced across the playground towards the cluster of panicked kids. Her mind flashed back to the first aid course she had taken just a few months earlier. At the time, she thought it was just a requirement for her job at the #daycare center. But now, every lesson was replaying in vivid detail.

"Move back, give him some space!" she shouted at the small crowd of children as she approached. In the middle of the circle, a young boy named Tyler was bent over, clutching his throat and making faint wheezing sounds. Sarah instantly recognized the signs - he was choking.

She dropped to one knee beside Tyler, placing one hand on his back. "I'm going to help you, try to cough it up!" she said in a calm but firm voice, hoping he could expel the object on his own at first.

But Tyler couldn't catch his breath to cough forcefully. His lips started turning blue and his eyes grew wide with fear. Sarah's heart was racing now, but her mind was clear.

"I've got you, Tyler," she said, speaking slowly and reassuringly despite the rush of adrenaline. In one motion, she moved behind him, wrapped her arms around his stomach, and started the thrusts to dislodge the object.

One...two...three...thrusts in an upward push right below the ribcage, just like she had practiced. But it wasn't working.

For a split second, doubt started creeping in. What if she couldn't dislodge it? What if she hadn't done the procedure right?

But then she pictured the instructor's words: "Staying calm and following the right procedures could mean the difference between life and death."

Deep breath...refocus. Sarah tilted Tyler's head back, opened his mouth, and looked inside. That's when she saw it - a bright red gumball stuck in his airway, blocking all airflow.

She didn't hesitate. Moving swiftly behind Tyler again, Sarah delivered a stronger thrust right at the bottom of his breastbone. Finally, the gumball flew out, bouncing across the playground. Tyler gasped desperately, then started crying in relief as he could breathe again.

Sarah's knees felt weak as the rush of adrenaline subsided. She held Tyler tightly, reassuring him as his sobs slowed. The other children, who had watched in terrified silence, mobbed them both with hugs.

Just then, the daycare director came rushing out, having heard the commotion. "Thank goodness you knew what to do!" she exclaimed. "I can't even imagine..." Her voice trailed off as she choked up, clearly shaken.

In the aftermath, Sarah realized her hands were shaking too. That entire life-or-death struggle had maybe lasted a minute, but it felt like an eternity at the time. A few more seconds without oxygen and the outcome could have been tragically different.

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