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Superheroes Wear Capes...And Take First Aid & CPR Classes

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You're a #daycare provider or #teacher, which basically makes you a superhero. Kids look up to you with stars in their eyes, seeing you as their guardian and protector when their #parents aren't around. But even superheroes need some extra training sometimes!

That's where First Aid and #CPR certification from ChildCareEd comes in. Getting this vital training isn't just about checking a box for regulatory requirements. It's about giving you the power to truly protect the little humans in your care when emergencies strike.

With ChildCareEd's courses, you'll go from well-meaning crime fighter to a real-life superhero who knows how to respond quickly and effectively when a kiddo gets injured or sick. From mending boo-boos to restarting tiny hearts, you'll feel ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound after mastering these life-saving skills.

The CPR Advantage:

  • Be a Real-Life Reviver Learning #CPR is one of the greatest superpowers you can acquire.
  • When a child's heart stops, every second counts - and your CPR knowledge could be the difference between life and tragedy.
  • By keeping their blood pumping, you give EMTs crucial extra time to restart their heart properly.

CPR competence also comes with awesome anxiety-busting abilities. If a child ever suffers cardiac arrest in your care, you'll feel calm and confident instead of panicking, thanks to your training. While others are frozen in fear, you'll spring into action like a superhero!

ChildCareEd offers both in-person and blended learning options to get your First Aid and CPR certification.

  • In-person classes let you learn alongside other capesters and get hands-on practice with those plastic manakin buddies.
  • Blended route combines online learning with an in-person skills session - perfect for those of you who prefer to stream some of the coursework in your action-packed downtime.

Whichever path you choose, ChildCareEd's courses use easy-to-understand language and visuals. No crazy medical jargon to stumble over - just the facts you need to become a force to be reckoned with in any childcare #emergency.

So what are you waiting for, super friend? Suit up and Enroll in ChildCareEd's First Aid and CPR Training Today. Your little superhero fans are counting on you! 

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