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Story Tapestries

H&H Child Care Training Center has partnered with Story Tapestries to support arts integration in programs and communities. We are happy to share Story Tapestries’ upcoming events and resources with all of our customers. Below you will find all of the exciting opportunities Story Tapestries has to offer both in-person and online.

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Did you know that kids smile up to 400 times per day? And that when you look at a person who’s smiling, it’s nearly impossible not to smile yourself? Smiling gives you the same boost as 2,000 bars of chocolate - without all the calories! So what are you waiting for?!?

Exciting experiences to smile about in 2022

As you start to plan for warmer weather, here’s a different way to connect with Story Tapestries each month over the next several months:

  • Gaithersburg Book Festival May 21st 
  • Wine tasting with friends in June
  • Live outdoor performance in July
  • *Surprise* fun event in August - stay tuned!
  • Games and family fun at an outdoor venue in September
  • Our annual fundraiser on October 7th at Tommy Joe’s

Volunteer opportunities are available for each of these events - both in-person and online - so email us to get in on the fun:

You don’t have to wait for May for a reason to smile, relive the fun we had with a video recording of the 2021 Gala, with some additional highlights and performances you won’t want to miss! Watch now:

Additional things to make you smile right now:

As we spring forward and move through our busiest time of the year, I’m grateful for the ability to take a breath and share a smile with you. The days are hectic and full, but they are also graced with moments of connection and celebration and it is my hope that through my work at Story Tapestries, I’m able to shine a light of possibility on your day. By joining in on the fun and sharing your smile, you become a beacon of light for our community.

Enjoy a free performance for all ages presented online by Montgomery County Public Libraries. From Sea to Shining Sea with Valerie Baugh-Schlossberg of Story Tapestries: Travel from coast to coast singing and hearing stories and folktales that celebrate and explore the beauty of our nation through song, music, and dance. Visit the majesty of Redwood Forest, the rugged Rocky Mountains, and the hidden treasures of the East Coast without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Thursday, March 24th at 2pm ET - you’ll find the Zoom link here one week prior:

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