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World Story Telling Day

image in article World Story Telling DayMarch 20 was World Story Telling Day.

A story can be a door to wonder and discovery! Reading and storytelling can help #children develop #earlyliteracy skills, an imagination, and a love for books. To honor #WorldStorytellingDay, introduce a new story during storytime this week and remember to:

  • Pick interesting stories with fun topics or characters.
  • Encourage them to use their hands and body to express or act out parts of the story.
  • Ask them engaging questions.

Interactive read-alouds, also called dialogic or shared reading, are consistently ranked as the most impactful activity on children's literacy development. This form of reading allows children to actively engage with the meaning of the text which helps them develop an understanding of the concepts of print and practice listening comprehension. An interactive read-aloud should position the children as active participants in the story and should be a dynamic conversation between the adult and children about the text and the connections the children have.

A literacy rich classroom promotes students’ ongoing engagement with language throughout their school day, which promotes understanding of environmental print and allows for independent reading activities. Literacy-rich classrooms include:

  • A library area with a recommended 5 books per child.
  • Labeled classroom objects provide multiple opportunities for letter and word recognition and an understanding of how print is related to the environment.
  • Play areas that incorporate literacy-related materials that allow children to develop an understanding of how literacy is central to everyday life.

Looking for more ways to add language and literacy instruction into the classroom? ChildCareEd has several training courses available that aim to provide strategies and tools for educators to use to support language and literacy skill development. Check out the trainings below or visit our website for a full list of courses.


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