Science exploration during Halloween - post

Science exploration during Halloween

image in article Science exploration during HalloweenHalloween is coming and classrooms around the country are finding fun ways to implement skill development into the theme. Check out this fun science activity in which children of all ages can participate.

Floating ghost science activity:

  • 1 sheet of facial  tissue paper
  • Draw a ghost on the tissue paper and cut it out.
  • 1 balloon.
  • Blow up the balloon. Have children rub the balloon on their hair to create a static charge.
  • Hold the balloon over the ghost and watch it float in the air!

Another fun activity to include during your Halloween theme is learning about the bones in the human body. Provide children with a large skeleton puzzle and help them identify the different parts of the skeleton. Or have a real Halloween skeleton in the classroom to use in your discussion about bones. 

Looking for more ways to incorporate science into your classroom? Check out H&H Child Care Training Center’s Tomorrow's Einsteins: Infant and Toddler Science. Learn ways to support children’s curiosity and scientific learning with engaging activities.

H&H (ChildCareEd)’s Rainy Days: New Ways to Play course presents ideas for indoor activities that support development in all areas even using the weather as inspiration for lesson plans and learning.

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