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Scaffolding Instruction

image in article Scaffolding InstructionThe gradual release of responsibility is a scaffolding strategy that includes demonstration, prompt, and practice. Scaffolding is how adults support children’s development and learning by offering just the right help at just the right time in just the right way.

Look below to learn more about the I Do, We Do, You Do strategy.

I Do:

The teacher is modeling the strategy or skill they want the children to use or learn.

We Do:

Guided practice, the teacher is still highly involved and works side-by-side with small groups of children.

You Do:

Children take charge of their own learning of the content.


Providing prompts and encouraging children to come up with their own answers is another common scaffolding approach.

Building off prior knowledge is another scaffolding strategy that allows children to relate their life to their learning.

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