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Literacy Instruction

image in article Literacy InstructionThe goal of emergent literacy instruction in preschool is not to teach children to read connected text (sentences) or even whole words. The objective is to teach the fundamentals that will provide children with the foundation they need to become proficient readers in subsequent grades. Print knowledge, concepts of print, and the names and sounds of letters are all part of these essential building blocks. 

  • The ability to identify and produce letter names is known as letter-name knowledge.
  • Knowledge of letter sounds is the ability to look at a letter and tell you the sound it represents.
  • Concepts of print are the basic understanding of how print works.
    • The difference between letters and other symbols.
    • Left-to-right reading is used for text.
    • Meaning is conveyed by words.

Early literacy helps children develop a rich vocabulary, self-expression, and reading comprehension skills.  ChildCareEd’s early literacy course will give you the tools and strategies you need to incorporate effective literacy activities in their classrooms.

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