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Online child care training- Oregon

H&H Child Care Training Center is working nonstop to create relevant, exciting, and enriching training courses for child care providers in the state of Oregon. We understand the needs of providers and aim to offer a wide assortment of courses that align with all of the Oregon Core of Knowledge Areas. Each one of our online courses is accepted in the state of Oregon. We know that you can go anywhere to fulfill your training needs but with H&H you will get personalized service from a group of former and current child care providers. 

H&H has been providing training since 1999 and has trained over half a million training hours and over 20,000 child care providers. To meet the needs of all our clients, H&H offers online trainings in 52 different languages. Our team of instructors, administrators, and support personnel are here to assist participants in all areas of training.

Holiday discounts going on now!

Take the Going Head-to-Head with Challenging Behavior online course for only $15, a limited-time deal part of H&H's "12 Days of Christmas Sales" event! Learn how to identify the causes of challenging behavior, and how to address them in the classroom.

Unsure about how to set up your classroom? Take the Mapping OUt Spaces for Child Care for only $15 as part of H&H's "12 Days of Christmas Sales" event! Get ready for 2022 with a new look!

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