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New Courses in Professionalism

 image in article New Courses in ProfessionalismOne of the big questions of professionalism is "Why teach it?" For many, professionalism is a field that is not explicitly taught--it is assumed that people will naturally learn it while building their careers. One of the biggest challenges in teaching professionalism is defining what "professionalism" is--different people will have different definitions; however, professionalism is one of the most important tools that any educator and administrator should have.

What does professionalism look like in the world of early childhood education? Professionalism is more than a dress code--it is honesty and integrity, the knowledge and skills to be effective educators and administrators, and everything in between. Professionialism is essential in education because not only are educators are required to maintain professional relationships with other staff, children, and families, they are the face of their workplace.


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