Oct 28 is National First Responders Day - post

Oct 28 is National First Responders Day

image in article Oct 28 is National First Responders DayIn 2017, Congress designated Oct. 28 as National First Responders Day. The day honors the paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, and 911 operators who answer the call when a crisis arises. This day of gratitude pays tribute to their services and honors fallen first responders.

There are many ways to help young children understand the importance of First Responders in their community. Begin by letting children know which professions are first responders and what they do. Include photos and books to support discussions.

  • Meeting local first responders is a great way to help them understand who they are and what they do. First responders can share personal stories and children can have an opportunity to ask questions. 
  • Help children write letters of gratitude to first responders in your community.
  • Encourage children to say thank you if they see a first responder when out

Learn more strategies to help children understand empathy, appreciation, and the importance of community in H&H Child Care Training Center’s Supporting Social Learning: Creating Classrooms that Care

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