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How To Become a Licensed Home Daycare Provider In Montgomery County MD

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How to Become a Licensed Home Daycare Provider in MD


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1.  Contact the OCC Regional Licensing Office in Your Area
Call the OCC 240-314-1400 to request the start of  your application.

2.  Attend Family Child Care Orientation Sessions
You must attend and complete two orientation sessions from OCC:  
·          An application form asking for your name, address, references, and other information.
·          A medical evaluation form for yourself and each resident in your home.
·          A written emergency escape plan.
·          A substitute form that names a responsible adult to be in temporary charge.
·          Fill Out Releases of information Forms and have notarized. Form provided by H&H
You need to go to MVA and be fingerprinted and fingerprint each adult (18 years or older) resident of your home. The Criminal Justice Information System will process, cost $37.25.

The second orientation session takes place after you have submitted a completed application to the OCC regional licensing office.

3.  Complete 24 Hour Pre-Service Training with H&H Training
You will need to complete a minimum of 24 clock hours of approved training which H&H Child Care Training offers with their 24 Hour Home Daycare training in a combination of topics related to child development, program curriculum, child health and safety, the care of children with disabilities, or provider professionalism. In addition, H&H provides CPR and First Aid Certification.  If you plan to provide care to children younger than 2 years old, you will also have to complete H&H SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) training.

4.  Make Sure Your Home is Safe and Properly Equipped
A safe physical environment is critically important for child care, especially if you plan to care for young children. Examples of how you can make sure that your home is "child safe" include:

  • Using baby gates to restrict access to potentially hazardous areas such as stairs
  • Covering electrical sockets
  • Making household cleansers, medicines, tools, sharp implements, weapons, and other harmful items inaccessible to children by placing them under lock and key
  • Having operable hard-wired smoke detectors in each room where the children will nap or rest
  • Maintaining a first aid kit

5.  Pass OCC, Fire Safety, and Other Required Inspections
Once everything is in place for business, at least two home inspection visits will be made. First, a OCC licensing specialist will do a pre-registration inspection with you. Next, your home will need to be inspected by the local fire authority to make sure fire codes are met.

CONGRATULATIONS! As soon as you receive your certificate of registration, you are ready to open your family child care home for business!  


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