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How Can Culture Affect A Child’s Development?

image in article How Can Culture Affect A Child’s Development?Children from different cultures grow up differently because they experience different environments. What impact do these differences have on their development? Culture plays an important role in shaping children's behavior and attitudes. Culture plays an important role in how parents raise their children. It influences everything from how much time parents spend with their children to how they discipline them. There are cultural differences in how people think and behave. These differences affect children's learning and behavior.

People from some cultures tend to focus more on memorization and rote learning while others prefer problem-solving and critical thinking. In addition, there are different expectations for what children should do as they develop. For example, in some cultures, girls are expected to be more independent than boys.

Interested in learning more about culture in relation to early childhood development? H&H Child Care Training Center has several courses available to support providers in their work with a diverse population of children. 

These are just a few online courses H&H has developed related to culture. Visit our website to see a full listing of available courses.

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