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According to ScienceDaily[1], an online news site featuring breaking news in science, health, and the environment, a child will die of choking on food every five days in the United States. Without knowing first aid or CPR, it is difficult to help the child in a moment's notice, especially while choking the child is unable to communicate and breathe.

Here at the H&H Child Care Training Center, we offer First Aid and CPR certification, good for two years, in two formats: one, in a blended course that combines a self-paced online study and a short in-person practical session, and the other in a completely in-person training at one of our locations. 


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*Due to current COVID regulations, we require face masks at all times (masks can by provided by the instructor for a small fee) and keep a strict 6-feet distance from one another. Class sizes are also small in adherence to these regulations.


[1] Nationwide Children's Hospital. (2010, February 28). Choking is a leading cause of injury and death among children. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 28, 2020 from

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