Are biting and hitting normal in children? - post

Are biting and hitting normal in children?

Are biting and hitting normal in children?

Surprisingly, yes! These are considered typical behaviors of infants and yimage in article Are biting and hitting normal in children?oung children. When it comes to biting, it is expected that babies and toddlers will display this behavior until around three to four years of age. 

Why do children bite and hit?

One reason children bite and hit is that they are not able to effectively communicate with others. Children are eager to communicate needs and desires, such as hunger or fatigue, or express difficult feelings, such as frustration, anger, confusion, or fear. However, if children have not yet developed verbal communication skills, they struggle to convey these thoughts and feelings appropriately. As a result, when they need something, and they want to tell an adult or child something, they bite. Biting becomes a powerful way to communicate. 

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