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A Quick Manual: Accessing Online Courses

 Why take an online course?

Professional development is always a must in the world of early childhood education as teaching techniques and philosophies constantly evolve with the onset of new research. The most convenient of online classes is that teachers can complete their courses in the comfort of their own home, set at their own pace.

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But how do teachers access online courses on childcareed.com?


1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Go to the H&H Child Care Training Center website.

3. Click on the "Login" button located on the right of your screen. A dialog box will pop up asking for an email address and password.

Type in your email address and password attached to your account, and click "Login."

4. The homepage will load again, with the addition of several buttons near the top of the page. Click on the blue "My Trainings" to access your online courses.

If you've either just started the course or are just logging in to continue your course, please click on "Continue where I left off." The site will either take you to the beginning (if you're just starting) or to the slide you were on in your last session.



Many, if not all, of our online sessions contain videos that are required to be viewed as part of the course. Students will be automatically logged out if they do not move the cursor more than 2-3 minutes while being on the course. Please make sure to move the cursor ever so often to prevent automatic logging out.

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