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Stressed spelled backward is Desserts

Stressed spelled backward is Desserts: Cure for the COVID-19 Blues
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are living through unprecedented times which in turn has increased stress to unprecedented levels. As childcare providers we have important work to do, caring for the children of our Essential staff community.
REMEMBER, you need to care for yourself so the children stay safe. Think about taking a DE-STRESSERS training to help cope.

Stressbusters: Stress Management for Childcare Providers - $20 ( members $15) 2hrs

Job-related stress affects caregivers as well as the quality of care provided. In order to be successful, caregivers must learn how to manage stress in their lives and find a sense of balance between their careers and themselves. This 2-hour training course identifies different types of stress caregivers may be faced with and offers the caregiver numerous tips on recognizing, coping with and managing stress in their lives and the workplace.

Core of Knowledge Content Area: 2 Hours HSN

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number CKO-380.