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Returning to the Classroom

"What happens now?"

"Am I safe?"

"Is opening schools safe?"

"Am I putting my child(ren) at risk by sending them to school?"

"What happens if I feel sick?"

There are questions that everyone asks themselves as child care facilities and schools re-open after months of COVID-19, most of which surround the issue of children's health and safety. Parents of young children are not the only ones who have concerns: directors, administrators, and all staff have the same worries when it comes to re-opening centers mid-pandemic.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all child care institutions follow a list of guidelines for monitoring possible symptoms and what to do when a child or staff becomes ill. (See here.) However, it can be difficult to recognizing the signs of illness in young children.

Here at H&H Child Care Training, we offer a number of casses concerning the health and safety of our children. They are...


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