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National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day is June 8thimage in article National Best Friends Day

What is the beginning of National Best Friends Day?

( The origins of this holiday can be traced back to 1935, when the US Congress declared June 8 a holiday to honor friendship and close friends. Thus, National Best Friends Day was born.

Apparently, this specific day was chosen as the weather is usually good at this time of the year. Hence, friends can celebrate the day together by doing outdoor activities such as picnics or going to the beach. Continue reading full article...

How to celebrate National Best Friends Day

Many of you may be familiar with swapping whatchamamacallits within the Scout community. Friendship Swaps are becoming popular classrooms, daycares, camp programs, etc.

The way that swaps work, is the kids create small inexpensive trickets to swap/exchange amongst friends. According to some of the research I did it is based on the potlatch customs of Native Americans. There are many ideas on Pinterest and internet. Good search phrases are "swaps girl scouts" and "whatchamacallits girl scouts".

Kids Craft | Simple Heart Ornament | Watamicallits (Pintrest)

ChildCareED | Heart Whatchamacallit (facebook)


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