March 30 is National Pencil day - post

March 30 is National Pencil day

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Pencils are an important tool in early education. Holding a pencil is a huge milestone in early development. Between 2 and 3, children should learn how to properly hold and control a pencil for writing. 

Getting children started in early writing is an emergent literacy skill! The verbal and nonverbal skills that serve as the foundation for the process of learning to read, write, and develop other literacy-related abilities are referred to as emergent literacy development. During this phase, a wide range of emergent literacy development skills and accomplishments are acquired, including but not limited to learning first words, expanding vocabulary, comprehending and utilizing language, recognizing symbols and print, and beginning to comprehend the connection between print and its meaning.

Support children as they develop emergent literacy skills by encouraging the use of pencils for writing and drawing. Learn more about emergent literacy by registering for ChildCareEd’s training course Classroom Tools for Emergent Literacy. Participants registered for this training will gain important knowledge of literacy development, learn strategies to support literacy development in the classroom, and will receive a free gift upon completion of the course! 

Join ChildCareEd as we celebrate National Pencil Day and encourage literacy development with children of all ages!

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