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I’m Hungry, I’m Bored

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We all feel this way sometimes, even children! Separation anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, illness, and a variety of other factors can affect a child’s mood from day to day. When childcare providers are able to determine the needs of individual children they are better able to support them even when they are not feeling their best. 

H&H Child Care Training Center offers many training courses to support childcare providers in their work with young children. Courses include those that focus on the individualized needs of children, factors that influence development, strategies to support children, and many more. Below are just a few courses H&H offers to providers to help them meet every child’s needs and help them develop positive social and emotional skills.

Tailoring Instruction to Children's Needs (3 hours)

Each child comes into the classroom with a unique set of individual needs. Child care professionals must be able to plan instruction while addressing these needs in a variety of ways. Differentiation and scaffolding are two methods child care professionals can implement in their instruction to include every child. We developed this course to help early childhood educators identify the components of a lesson plan for all abilities and learn how to implement scaffolding as a teaching method to meet the needs of the children in your program.

Supporting Children's Independence (3 hours)

Fostering independence in young children does more to prepare them for being ready for kindergarten: it boosts confidence, self-esteem, and a willingness to persevere in their own learning. Child care providers must be cognizant of strategies and skills children need to be independent in the early childhood classroom.

Brighter Futures: Social Emotional Development (2 hours)

Compassion and kindness are just a few of the positive social and emotional qualities we hope to instill in all our children. But how does one teach these valuable life skills? To help answer this question, we have developed this course to describe the stages of emotional development and discuss appropriate interactions with young children.

Enhancing Life and Development (3 hours)

The early years of life are extremely important for a child’s later health and development. Supporting healthy brain development starts with providing nurturing and responsive care. Experiences, both positive and negative, shape children's development and oftentimes have lifelong effects.

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