Helping children develop Fine Motor Skills - post

Helping children develop Fine Motor Skills

Rubberband Fine Motor Activity

The process of developing small muscle movements that require coordination and dexterity is referred to as #fine_motor_development.

Fine motor skills are typically associated with the manipulation and movement of the hands and upper extremities, including reaching, grasping, and manipulating objects. These skills also encompass visual abilities known as visual-motor skills, which involve hand-eye coordination. Coordination of hands, legs, and the rest of the body requires proficiency in visual-motor skills.

In terms of muscle usage, gross motor skills involve larger muscles, while fine motor skills involve smaller muscles. Infants and young children require plenty of play and practice to develop the small muscles needed for fine motor control.

The refinement of fine motor skills is crucial in the development of young children. These skills help them accomplish basic tasks such as writing, eating, and playing. Fine motor development also contributes to the improvement of cognitive abilities as it requires the use of the brain. Poor motor skills may lead to frustration and hinder a child’s self-confidence. Overall, fine motor development plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of young children.

image in article Helping children develop Fine Motor SkillsAdd this rubber band fine motor activity idea to your list of summer activities to do in your #childcare setting. Strengthen your children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with these simple supplies.

  • A bin
  • Small rubber bands
  • Chopsticks or a Pencil
  • Water
  • Small cup


  • Fill the bin about halfway with water
  • Put the rubber bands in the bin of water
  • Have the children use the end of a pencil or chopstick to pick up each rubber band and place them in the small cup.



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