February is Black History Month - post

February is Black History Month

image in article February is Black History MonthFebruary is #Black_History Month! Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate Black people’s achievements and contributions throughout history.

Children of all ages notice physical differences like skin color. Fortunately, children are never too young to learn about the beauty of humanity, and you can incorporate Black History Month activities for children to teach important concepts.

Celebrate Black History Month with ChildCareEd. Below is a list of some of the training courses we offer to support educators in creating a culturally responsive classroom.

The concept of #cultural_competence refers to respecting people with any cultural background, and creating and fostering an atmosphere of non-discrimination in society. It also means the provision, availability, and accessibility of services in a manner ensuring that the partly varying needs of people with different backgrounds are taken into account. 

The cultural competence of professionals comprises cultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and motivation which involve mirroring one’s own cultural habits and values with the habits and values of other cultures.

A core consideration in developmentally appropriate practice and cultural responsiveness is that educators learn about each child and family and intentionally adapt and respond to each child’s strengths and needs. Culturally responsive practice is often defined as using the experiences and perspectives of children and their families as a tool to support them more effectively.

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