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Daycare Providers Trainings

H & H provides various short duration seminars on selected topics. These seminars are the best way to get detailed information on focussed topics in a short time. Seminars are offered at convenient time during evenings and weekend hours.

Currenltly we are providing following trainings which are approved by Maryland State Department of Education.

  • Exclusion of Children with Fevers from Childcare - HSN 2hrs
  • Math in Early Childhood - CD 1hr, CURR 2hrs
  • Using Your Senses to Adapt Environments - HSN 1hr, SNP 1 hr
  • SIDS: Saving Babies:A Change of Position,A Change in Tradition - HSN 1.5hrCOMM .5hr
  • Universal Designand Materials for Children with all Abilities - CURR 1hr, SPN 1hr
  • Making Families Welcome PROF 2hrs
  • Beautiful Junk:Using Recycled Materials in theclassroom - CURR 2hrs
  • How do I Relate andShare Professionally- PROF 2hrs
  • Family (or Parent) Conferencing: Developing Trust - PROF 2hrs
  • Cavity Free Kids - 3 Hrs.

Please call our office at 301-237-1414 for detailed information regarding the topics and forthcoming seminars.

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