Complete your CDA Home Visitor training today, a total of 120 hours for $288! - post

Complete your CDA Home Visitor training today, a total of 120 hours for $288!

 image in article Complete your CDA Home Visitor training today, a total of 120 hours for $288! Complete your CDA Home Visitor training today, a total of 120 hours for $288! 

Home visiting programs are voluntary programs that help families and children's physical and emotional development from birth to age 5. Through home visiting programs, pregnant and new mothers receive advice on child development, parenting techniques, counseling resources, continuing education, employment, and high-quality child care. The home visitor develops a relationship with the family and collaborates with the parents to promote child development and readiness for school, improve maternal and child health, prevent child abuse and neglect, and encourage positive parenting.

CDA Home Visitor requirement included completing 120 hours of training covering the growth and development of children ages birth to 5 years, with no fewer than 10 training hours in each of the eight Home Visitor CDA subject areas.

CDA® Subject Areas

  • Promoting health and safety in the home environment
  • Enhancing parents’ skills to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
  • Promoting parents’ use of positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development
  • Understanding family systems and development
  • Managing an effective home visitor program operation
  • Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
  • Working across the child welfare continuum
  • Understanding the principles of child development and learning

Complete 120 hours of training at ChildCareEd !

Our subscriptions are divided into three tiers, all purchasable through a flat fee. Subscription packages are as follows:

  • Basic = $65
  • CDA Plus = $99
  • Instructor-Led = $149

All of our subscription packages include the following:

  • Unlimited online trainings, with 3 in-progress trainings at any time
  • Access to certificates through the user's profile within the last 4 years
  • Training History
  • Priority Registration

Some of our subscriptions contain the following features:

  • Expedited services
  • One instructor-led training per calendar month from the included packages
  • CDA Renewal Online Trainings

Subscribers will be able to choose from a large catalog of trainings including the CDA!

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