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Childcare Safety First

image in article Childcare Safety FirstSafety, health, and nutrition in childcare are important concepts that influence providers' everyday day work with children. Each moment that providers spend with young children they must consider any and all safety risks. The most important role of childcare providers is to keep children safe at all times. When providers have a thorough understanding of all aspects of child health, safety, and nutrition they are better prepared to minimize safety risks and design a program that supports optimal health and nutrition.

Register for one of the following training courses with H&H Childcare Training Center to enhance your skills and knowledge regarding child safety, health, and nutrition.

  • 1,2,3, Eyes on Me: Classroom Safety: In this 4-hour course, we will help you learn ways to keep a safe environment both indoors and outdoors as well as strategies to ensure appropriate supervision of young children is maintained at ALL times.
  • Success in Safety for Babies: In this three-hour training course, infant and toddler teachers will identify potential hazards within both the indoor and outdoor classroom environment. Teachers will also learn safe sleep practices to ensure all children in their care are safe.
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness: Emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. This in-depth 6-hour course will help childcare providers learn what to do when disaster strikes and how to be better prepared.
  • Health & Nutrition: Healthy, well-balanced diets and well-maintained health are crucial to children’s development. In this 3-hour course, childcare professionals will learn practices that ensure that children are safe and healthy.
  • Transportation Safety: Choosing the type of transportation to get children where they need to go is one of the many responsibilities in a provider’s day. This 2-hour training will discuss how to keep children safe in different types of vehicles.
  • Mandated Reporters: In this 2-hour training providers will learn the types of abuse children could be subjected to. the signs and symptoms of these types of abuse, the role of mandated reporters, and how to complete reports.

Visit H&H Childcare Training Center’s website at to see our full listing of health, safety, and nutrition courses.

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