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Celebrate Juneteenth in Baltimore

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Juneteenth, known as Juneteenth National Independence Day, is a federally recognized holiday in the United States that honors the liberation of African American slaves. It is named after the date on which Major General Gordon Granger issued an order in Texas on June 19, 1865, announcing freedom for slaves. The name Juneteenth is derived from the combination of June and nineteenth and is celebrated annually on this day.

The importance of Juneteenth is rooted in the fact that it amplifies the voice of African Americans and represents their resilience in the face of historical and ongoing oppression. This day holds a special significance as it marks a moment of liberation for the African American community.

The City of Baltimore is commemorating #Juneteenth Weekend by displaying and highlighting African American fashion, art, music, business, and #culture. The event will be held at Druid Hill Park on June 17 and June 18, from noon to 9 PM.

Baltimore's AFRAM is a free event featuring local artists, business owners, and makers who display their goods, talents, and services to thousands of attendees. It is one of the largest African-American, cultural arts fairs on the East Coast.

Additional AFRAM events consist of the RUN-UP-TO Juneteenth 5k Run and 1 Mile Walk hosted by The SEED School of Maryland on Sunday, June 11. This event marks the start of the Juneteenth celebration in the city and is followed by AFRAM Restaurant Week. During this week, various food establishments owned by both American Americans and women will offer special menus for customers.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott and the City of Baltimore are responsible for organizing the Baltimore AFRAM Festival, which began as a component of Baltimore City's Showcase of Nations in 1976. This exciting two-day event features a diverse range of musical performances, artwork, and creative expressions and is designed to engage people of all ages.


Juneteenth in the classroom

Looking for ways to include Juneteenth celebrations in childcare? Incorporating a discussion of Juneteenth in a #preschool setting can be a bit intimidating. Caregivers may be wary of talking about topics like slavery with young children. While brutal honesty about some aspects of our nation's history may not be appropriate caregivers can have age-appropriate conversations with children. Having discussions about the unfair treatment of African Americans in our country are concepts that preschools can begin to understand especially if you relate it to something they are familiar with such as a time when they felt they were not treated fairly. In addition to age-appropriate conversations about the importance of Juneteen, caregivers can children’s books about Juneteen and include some of the following activities.

Create a Juneteenth flag. The Juneteenth flag is red, white, and blue. It’s symbolic of the end of slavery in the US. Using red, white, and blue construction paper, you and your preschool class can create your own Juneteenth flag to honor the holiday.

Invite families to have a meal together. Celebrate the community of families and the children you care for and come together to celebrate your connection and the importance that each member brings to the group. Have parents bring a dish to share and ask several parents to read one or two Juneteenth stories to the group.

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