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CDA for Oregon Providers

image in article CDA for Oregon ProvidersThe field of #early-childhood-education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our children. In Oregon, child care providers are committed to ensuring the well-being and #development of the youngest members of our society. To support their professional growth and qualifications, Oregon has implemented the Oregon Registry Steps, a comprehensive system designed to recognize and uplift child care providers. Advancing on these steps demonstrates an individual's dedication to continuous learning, training, and experience in #early-childhood education. This article delves into the key components of the Oregon Registry Steps and how the attainment of the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification can propel providers to the esteemed Step 7.

The Journey on the Oregon Registry Steps

  • Initial Registration: The first step on this journey begins with the initial registration. Child care providers in Oregon need to formally join the Oregon Registry, which involves providing details about their education, training, and prior experience in the child care field. Upon registration, individuals are assigned an initial step based on their qualifications at the time of registration.
  • Educational Qualifications: As one advances through the Oregon Registry Steps, additional education and training become essential. This might involve pursuing college coursework, attending workshops, and conferences, and engaging in other professional development opportunities closely related to early childhood education. Successful completion of these activities results in earned points and moves providers closer to the next step.
  • Work Experience: Accumulating substantial work experience in a child care setting is a pivotal aspect of ascending the Oregon Registry Steps. The more years spent working in this field, whether in paid or volunteer positions, the more points are accrued, contributing to a provider's progression.
  • Professional Development Activities: Engaging in diverse professional development activities is key to advancing. Providers are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. These activities not only enhance their knowledge and skills but also yield valuable points for stepping forward.
  • Credentials and Certifications: Earning recognized credentials and certifications significantly boosts a provider's advancement on the Registry Steps. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, for example, is one such certification that carries substantial weight in the field of early childhood education.
  • Reflective Practice: Some steps in the Oregon Registry may necessitate reflective practice. This involves self-assessment, goal setting, and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement in one's work with children and families.
  • Renewal and Documentation: Providers must renew their registration periodically and maintain records of their ongoing education, training, and experience. Thorough documentation is crucial, as it serves as evidence supporting their progress on the steps.
  • Maintain Active Status: Providers must ensure their Oregon Registry membership remains active by adhering to renewal requirements and keeping their contact information up to date.
  • Evaluation: The Oregon Registry conducts evaluations to assess a provider's qualifications, points, and documentation. This evaluation is pivotal in determining a provider's eligibility to move up on the Registry Steps.
  • Advancement: Once a provider's qualifications and points align with the requirements for a higher step, they are recognized and elevated on the Oregon Registry Steps. Advancement is often accompanied by increased professional recognition and opportunities.

The Role of the Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification

The Child Development Associate (CDA) certification is a prestigious national credential that signifies a provider's competency and expertise in working with young children. The CDA certification opens doors to Step 7 on the Oregon Registry, a level that symbolizes a high level of education, experience, and professional development.

Child care providers who have successfully obtained the CDA credential are well-positioned to advance to Step 7, thanks to the comprehensive training and assessments required for CDA certification. The CDA certification encompasses multiple facets of early childhood education and practice, ensuring that providers have a well-rounded understanding of child development, curriculum planning, and effective teaching strategies. ChildCareEd offers a comprehensive CDA training program that includes the required 120 hours of training in all the CDA subject areas. CDA training is available in Infant/Toddler, Preschool, and Family Child Care.

Providers with a CDA certification are prepared to excel in their roles, delivering high-quality care and education to the children they serve. The certification signifies that they have not only met but exceeded the expectations for professionalism and competence in the field.

Moreover, CDA-certified providers are often in high demand, as their expertise is recognized and valued by #parents and employers alike. Achieving this prestigious certification demonstrates a deep commitment to the field of early childhood education and to the well-being and development of young children.


The Oregon Registry Steps is a framework that celebrates and supports the growth and qualifications of child care providers in Oregon. It is a testament to the commitment of these providers to the betterment of the youngest members of our community. Advancing on the Registry Steps is a journey of continuous learning, experience, and professional development.

The Child Development Associate (CDA) certification serves as a powerful catalyst for advancing to Step 7 on the Oregon Registry. It represents a significant milestone in a child care provider's career, signifying their commitment to excellence in early childhood education. ChildCareEd is a proud supporter of the child development associate certification and is here to assist Oregon providers in their career advancement.

Providers who achieve the CDA certification are not only recognized for their expertise but also equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care and education to the children in their charge. As a result, they are well-prepared to reach Step 7 and beyond, further contributing to the #growth-and-development of young minds in Oregon.


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