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CDA Checklist

CDA Checklist

Are you working on your Child Development Associate credential?

This checklist is helpful to see all the requirements and keep you on track!

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CDA Credential Checklist

Keep track of your progress in obtaining your CDA Credential with this comprehensive checklist.

Before you apply:

  • Purchase a CDA Competency Standards book.
  • Complete 120 hours of online training covering the eight CDA Subject Areas with ChildCareEd.

Within 3 years of submitting your application:

  • Work 480 hours with children whose ages are specific to the setting for which you are applying for your Credential.

Within 6 months of submitting your application:

  • Prepare your CDA Professional Portfolio.
    • Cover sheet.
    • Transcripts, certificates, and other necessary documentation.
    • Family Questionnaires.
    • Areas of Strength and areas for Professional Growth.
    • Six Reflective Statements of Competence.
    • Resource Collection.
    • Professional Philosophy Statement.
  • Select a Professional Development Specialist and confirm availability.

After the requirements are met:

  • Apply online for your CDA Credential using the YourCouncil online application system.

Once your CDA application is approved, you will receive your Ready to Schedule notice, and you can schedule your CDA Verification Visit and your CDA Exam.


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