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Assembling the Tools for Assessment

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Early childhood assessment is a process of gathering information about a child, reviewing the information, and then using said information to plan age-appropriate educational activities that the child can understand and is able to learn from.  A key indicator of a high-quality program is its implementation and usage of assessment tools.  When teachers conduct an assessment, they observe a child to get information about what the child knows and what they can do.

We here at H&H Child Care Training understand the importance of assessments in early childhood programs and developed training to help teachers navigate these important tools.  Observing & Assessing in Child Care is just one of the courses we have to help teachers plan appropriate activities for their children as well as appropriately assess their learning. 

H & H Child Care Training Courses grant .2 CEUs or more as well as awarding state-approved clock hours of 2 or more for all childcare centers, and family childcare providers in many states.  Check with your licensing agency to check for any additional requirements and to see if we are approved in your home state.    Visit our website and schedule your next class today!

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