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Essential Planning Tools Every Teacher Needs

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Planning for your classroom can be overwhelming, but you can stay organized and on top of your game with these essential planning tools.

There are numerous aspects to consider when thinking about how to plan your classroom, including assessments, lesson plans, and even materials and equipment. In any case, with the right tools, you will be more ready to invest more energy zeroing in on the kids!

Lesson Plan Template

A lesson plan template is one of a teacher's most important tools. You will be able to organize your thoughts and concepts for each lesson, ensuring that you will cover all essential developmental areas. Find a lesson plan template that works best for you and your teaching style.

Understanding the basics of Child Development

Early childhood educators play an important role in fostering children’s development. When educators understand age-appropriate development across domains, they are able to create developmentally appropriate activities to support child development. It is also important for educators to understand how the domains are interconnected.

Being aware of child development can help providers understand what types of environments children need. Understanding early childhood development helps teachers more effectively manage their classroom and notice any possible delays early on. 

When children are showing significant delays in any developmental domain, it could be an indicator of a disability. Identifying potential delays and disabilities, allows parents and caregivers to employ early intervention strategies to support the child's development.

High-Quality Professional Development

Teachers must have access to professional development resources in addition to lesson planning tools. This can include workshops, conferences, online courses, and mentorship programs. High-quality professional development opportunities keep educators up-to-date on the most effective teaching strategies and developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education as well as provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other educators.

Interested in learning more ways to create a developmentally appropriate learning environment? ChildCareEd offers many training courses to support early educators and help them make meaningful choices in the design and implementation of effective early childhood environments. Check out these courses below or visit our website to see a full course listing. 

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