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12 Days of Christmas Sale

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H&H Child Care Training Center is offering the gift of quality child care training courses at discounted prices. During our 12 Days of Christmas sale, select courses are being offered at discounted prices. 

A Closer Look at Play now only $10!

How does play influence development and learning? Learn how by taking A Closer Look at Play online course for only $10.

CDA: Celebrating Family Uniqueness now only $15!

Take the CDA: Celebrating Family Uniqueness online course for only $15.

Addressing Challenging Behaviors Course now $15!

Take the Going Head-to-Head with Challenging Behavior online course for only $15. Learn how to identify the causes of challenging behavior, and how to address them in the classroom.

Cultural Sensitivity Course now only $10!

Take the Cultural Sensitivity in Child Care course today for only $10. Learn how you can include all cultures in your classroom.

Got to H&H Child Care Training Center's website at www.childcareed.com to see all discounts and offers. Hurry, all offers are available for only a limited time. 

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