Food Allergies in Child Care - zoom/in-person

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Food Allergies in Child Care - $35 (V I P pricing $25)

A. Course Description:

Child care providers and caregivers must be on alert for possible allergens in the classroom: food allergies are becoming a
prevalent presence in young children. When they already know the onset symptoms of an allergic reaction, child care professionals are better equipped to respond and determine the type of treatment and help needed to keep the child safe. In this 3-hour in-person/Zoom child care course, learners will be able to:
● Define what is a food allergy and food intolerance and describe how they differ;
● List the most common allergy-causing foods;
● Identify different types of cross-contamination in the early childhood classroom; and
● Demonstrate understanding of addressing food allergies in the child care classroom.

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