Developing Program Tranquility IN Silver Spring MD - 03/25/2022 - #3098

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Course description:

When thinking of developing classroom management, teachers tend to think about handling challenging behaviors as the only solution. Research is showing that while managing classroom behavior is important, it is not the only solution to effective classroom management. How teachers interact with children and support emotional health is a critical factor in promoting program tranquility. After successful completion of this training, participants will be able to:
● Explain the consequences for children experiencing negative interactions and vocal tones in the classroom;
● Identify common interaction strategies to help promote a positive classroom environment for young children;
● Describe the five critical needs for children to develop optimal emotional health; and
● Discuss new methods to increase the positive emotional climate within a childcare program.

Primary Teacher:
Hwaida Hassanein

Session Info:
Location Start End
48 - The ARCMar/25/2022 09:00 am ESTMar/25/2022 12:00 pm EST
$35 non-refundable
10611 Tenbrook Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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Class cost is NON Refundable
Cost: $35
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
32/31 spots

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