12 Hour Core of Knowledge Training IN Germantown MD - 02/05/2017 - #1525

12 Hour Core of Knowledge Training - $65

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Course description:

This 3 hour training is designed to develop and strengthen communication skills in child care professionals working in the field of child care. Those skills can be used to communicate with parents, co-workers and the public. Key strategies and techniques will be introduced to help strengthen providers ability to communicate and listen. Core of Knowledge Content Area: 3 Hours Professionalism...

>>>SUPPORTING SOCIAL LEARNING: CREATING CLASSROOMS THAT CARE: This training provides examples from early childhood classrooms to illustrate the four defining features of supportive social learning, an alternative approach to discipline: teachers appreciate all perspectives and include everyone in creating a sense of community, relationships-in-community take precedence over other agendas, teacher sees children as capable of overcoming problems and being socially successful, and teacher enters interactions with a questioning posture and commitment to conversation.
Core of Knowledge Content Area: 3 Hours Curriculum...

HEALTHY HABITS FROM THE START: This 3-hour training will introduce beginning teachers to the connection between nutrition and healthy child growth and development. This training is designed for teachers of young children, ages infant to school age. Teachers will explore ways to address good nutrition in the classroom as well as ways to educate families about the importance of their child's nutrition. Core of Knowledge Content Area: 3 Hours HSN Course ID# H-08102017-01

Cost: $60 plus $5 registration fee

Session Info:
Location Start End
74 - H&H Germantown (Kids Villa) Room 203AFeb/05/2017 05:00 amFeb/12/2017 05:00 am
$65 non-refundable
H&H Germantown (Kids Villa) Room 203A
19900 Brandermill Dr. (near Intersection of Rt 355 and Middlebrook), Germantown, MD 20876
Start date:
End date:
This 12 Hour COK training is on Sunday February 5th and 12th. 9 am- 3:30 pm. Cost is $88 plus $5 reg. 6 hour COK fee is $42 plus $5 reg. If taken individual pay per course, please call to register for individual trainings: 301-300-1776. Minimum of 10 to proceed.

Let's Talk:
Skills for Effective Communication
COK: 3 Hours Prof
Cost: $21 plus $5 registration
Supporting Social Learning: Creating
12:30 pm-3:30 pm
Classrooms that Care COK:3 Hours CURR
Cost: $20 plus $5 registration

Stress Mgmt for Child Care Providers
COK: 2 Hour HSN 9am-11am
Cost: $14 plus $5 registration

Shifting Gears to Positive Discipline
COK: 2 Hours CD 11am-1pm
Cost: $14 plus $5 registration

Exclusion of children with Fevers from Child Care COK: 2 Hours HSN 1:30pm-3:30pm
Cost: $14 plus $5 registration
11/12 spots

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