Working with behavioral challenges Part 2 - post

Working with behavioral challenges Part 2

image in article Working with behavioral challenges Part 2In the first part of this article, we discussed the importance of working with families to support children who have been showing challenging behaviors. We outlined a sample letter to share with families and shared a short list of some potential challenging behaviors that may occur in the classroom.

Now that you have taken the first step and begun the conversation with the family regarding their child’s challenging behavior, it is time to implement the tracking strategy.

Once you and the family have identified at least one challenging behavior you would like to track use a tracking chart like the one below to record when the child displays the behavior.

Through tracking the behavior and noting the time behaviors occur parents and caregivers can determine if there is a pattern to these behaviors. In addition, this tracker allows parents and caregivers to clearly see what strategies have been implemented and whether or not they have been successful. 


Behavior Tracker for ________________________________


Target Behaviors
Time Behavior Occurred





Steps Taken 





Looking for more strategies to support challenging behaviors in the classroom? Check out H&H Child Care Training Center's courses focused on positive guidance.

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