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After reading about the activities below, it sounds like it would be fun to set up an obstacle course incorporating the suggestions below. This would be a great morning activity to burn off some energy before the afternoon warms up. 





Children in child care and pre-school learning environments benefit from early care and education providers encouraging activities that are developmentally age appropriate. The curricular objectives for Physical Education and Development included in the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) standards may act as guidelines for assessing children'sperformance. The physical development and health objectives and activities may be found online at www.MarylandPublicSchools.org/MSDE/divisions/child_care.


The following activities will help children to coordinate movements to perform simple tasks:

Moving with Balance and Control

• Maintaining balance on a 2 x 4 balance beam that is close to the ground• Moving around objects on narrow paths without bumping into things• Developing mastery over running (such as quick stops, full circle turns, short 180degree turns, speeding up and slowing down)• Going up and down stairs using alternating feet without holding onto the railor wall• Walking and jumping• Hopping several times on each foot• Galloping with a smooth gait and relative ease

Coordinating Movement to Perform Simple Tasks

• Throwing a ball in the right direction, aiming at a target with reasonable accuracy• Catching a ball by moving arms or bodiesto adjust for the direction the ball is traveling• Kicking a large ball with a two step start• Riding a tricycle on a path around a playground• Using the slide, seesaw, or swings• Hitting a stationary target with an overhand throw• Attempting hopscotch or jumping rope• Climbing on a play structur

Activities that Enhance fine Motor Development

• Block building• Throwing and catching balls• Use of sand/water tables





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