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Physical Activity and Nutrition

Parents want their children to have the best possible start.  Proper nutrition and plenty of physical activity play an important role in ensuring children are healthy and promoting good practices from the start.

Many states require licensed childcare providers to follow rules about nutrition, physical activity, and screen time. It is important for all childcare providers to know what their program’s policies are and what the policies for their state licensing agencies are as well.

For young children, each meal is an opportunity to grow healthy and strong and develop good habits. It is equally important for all staff to know how their programs handle food and nutrition. When preparing meals and snacks, it is also important to ensure you are following healthy dietary guidelines and that the kitchen area is clean, well maintained, and stocked with food.

Just as important as the food, it is equally important that the children in your care have access to clean drinking water throughout the day. This is especially critical after any physical activity.

These tips are just a few that providers should know when running a high quality program.  To learn more tips, visit H&H Child Care Training’s website for more online classes on health and safety and physical activity and nutrition.  Some related courses are Administering Basic Health and Safety, CDA Infants/Toddlers: Health and Safety, and  Health & Nutrition, just to name a few.

Check out H&H Child Care Training’s website and schedule your next Health and Safety and Physical Activity and Nutrition training today!

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