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Language for our Littlest Learners

Language is one of the most important tools young children wield in communicating their needs and building social relationships with the people around them. Language also plays an instrumental part in building the foundation behind reading and writing skills. 

H&H Child Care Training Center understands the value of supporting children’s language and literacy skills. “A Taste of Words” is an online training course designed to help teachers build the language development of toddlers ages 12 months to 2 years. Teachers will develop strategies for increasing communication by building vocabulary in a variety of learning exercises. Participants will also explore the various stages of language development in young children and strategies for encouraging children to express language in the classroom.

By the end of this training, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of helping children develop language.
  • Identify the different characteristics of each stage of language development.
  • Describe the differences between receptive and expressive language in young children.
  • Identify ways to expose children to a variety of words.
  • Identify strategies to guide children on how to use words to express themselves.image in article Language for our Littlest Learners

This is only one of many online training courses H&H offers to providers in the area of health and safety. Check out our website at to view our full list of courses. Check back often as new courses are added each week.

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