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Ice Cream and Asteroids!

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Everyone Loves Ice Cream on HOT Days

Sometimes it is jut HOT and nothing feels refreshing... Why not make some ice cream? This method uses two sizes of ziplock bags to make small servings for 1 or 2 people. The entire process takes less than 45 minutes.

Check it out! Make Your Own Ice Cream (YouTube)

There is lots of info in the video to create a STEM activity.


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Asteroids are Made for Curious Thinkers!

( Asteroids are made for curious thinkers! Make your own galaxy that can be decorated with glittery stars, comets and asteroids. This is a fantastic STEAM activity for kids:

  • Following directions - literacy and listening
  • Measuring ingredients - Math; fractions and quantities
  • Talking about what is an asteroid - science and comprehension
  • Work with the group - social-emotional skill
  • Creating galaxy - creativity and fine motor skills

Recipes and directions can be found on ChildCareED social media pages. More activity suggestions can be found in the ChildCareED Blog. Check out NASA for basic asteroid information and facts: NASA Science Space Place Asteroid Page.



*Archived from ChildCareEd's Constant Contact Newsletter [7.14.2023]



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