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HighScope Preschool Curriculum

image in article HighScope Preschool CurriculumThere are a variety of Preschool Curricula administrators and educators have to choose from but sometimes it can get overwhelming and confusing when deciding which one is the best fit for your program. Let's take a look at

The HighScope Preschool Curriculum provides an approach characterized by children's active participatory learning, the plan-do-review process, developing children's conflict resolution skills, and adult scaffolding. The curriculum includes a set of resources to support teachers in creating learning environments and experiences that reflect the curriculum's approach. HighScope uses the term scaffolding to describe the process whereby adults support and gently extend children's thinking and reasoning. The plan-do-review is a sequence in which children, with the help of the teacher, initiate plans for projects or activities; work in learning centers to implement their plans, and then review what they have done with the teacher and their fellow classmates.

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