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Growing high-quality educators in Nevada

image in article Growing high-quality educators in NevadaLooking at how children grow and what they need at different stages of development will help educators see a bigger picture of education and provide children with the appropriate support they need at each stage. Fostering the right environment can help children develop self-esteem while also explaining some of their behaviors. Child care providers should never stop learning about child development and developmentally appropriate strategies to support young children. It is through a continued commitment to growth and applying best practices, that educators can make the greatest impact in children’s lives.

Attention Nevada providers. H&H Child Care Training Center is now offering training courses approved by the Nevada Registry

A Closer Look into Developmental Theories is a 3-hour online training that can be taken to meet the Child Development/Guidance & Discipline training requirement for Nevada child care providers. (Approval Code: 87152) This course offers an in-depth look at theories of child development, learning, and discipline.

A Thoughtful Approach to Children's Mental Health is a 3-hour online training (Approval Code: 88461). Children’s emotional well-being is equally important to their physical health. Good mental health from a young age acts as the foundation for healthy social skills and coping strategies in times of trouble as children get older. We created this course to help childcare providers be able to identify common pediatric stressors and mental disorders and express the importance of early intervention.

H&H Child Care Training Center is gaining course approval each week so check back often to see the new approved courses available to Nevada providers.

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