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Full STEAM Ahead!

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Have you ever found yourself thinking, “You want me to teach Science to my infants and toddlers? That can’t be right!” Or “I don’t know how to do that?” Or even “Isn’t Science for older children?” 

Scientific learning may appear to be the subject for high school and college students, but believe it or not, it all begins with infants and toddlers!

Science is not just a subject of knowledge, but rather a way of thinking and acting.  It is the study of discovering the nature of things and how they work.   Scienctific learning at any age involves curiosity, exploration, and discovery. These traits come naturally to most infants and toddlers.

By bringing in science into the classroom, Infant and Toddler teachers can help their children find the answers to their questions and discover more about things that interest them. 

Want to learn more? H&H Child Care Training offers many classes on how to bring science into the classroom, No Such Thing as Boring Math or Tomorrow’s Einstein’s: Infant and Toddler Science are just a few of the exciting classes we offer to bring in STEAM (or STEM) to your classroom. 

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