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STEAM in Early Childhood Education

image in article STEAM in Early Childhood EducationThe concept of a STEAM-focused education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is important in early childhood education as it provides an important foundation for crucial life skills. Activities like problem-solving, gathering and evaluating evidence, curiosity, inquiry, decision-making, and processing information are natural skills for young children and through focused opportunities, children are able to grow these skills.

When educators plan hands-on learning experiences for young children, the natural curiosity and inquisitive nature of children allows them to retain more information and adapt skills they learn to other situations.

Weather is an excellent STEAM activity to explore with children because of their inherent prior knowledge of many weather phenomena. Check out this Windy Art Project as a fun way to introduce windy weather to young children. Not only does this activity explore science concepts, but it also involves fine motor skills and creativity.

For more ways to incorporate STEAM activities in your classroom enroll in one of H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd)’s training courses today.

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