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Developmental Progression

Supporting children's learning of number and operations, geometry, patterns, measurement, and data analysis is made easier by teaching math through a developmental progression.

Before entering preschool, children are already familiar with basic mathematical patterns and geometric shapes. Additionally, they are able to count at an early age.

By giving children opportunities to practice number sense, educators can support the progression of mathematical concepts. 

Children can form connections between numbers and the objects that are represented. To make the concept more real and less abstract for young learners, numbers can be represented with objects, pictures, or family members.

Math is important to talk about, and talking about math in any way helps. According to research, a modest increase in math talk, such as asking how many objects there will be if we add or subtract one, yields significant results.

Interested in learning more ways to support children’s mathematical development? ChildCareEd offers several courses that provide strategies to include opportunities for math development.

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